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Gallery Nu

Reflections 2020


For her second exhibition at De Markthallen in Herk-de-Stad (the first was in 2002) artist Si Bollé has chosen the reflection theme. In a wider sense she examines the turn her work has taken for four years, paintings in acrylic on canvas, deepening her relation to the main theme of the fragile poppy in relation to the passing of time.

In a narrow sense the term reflection refers to what she sees during her walks around the Lake of Schulen where to she moved some time ago. Reflections of sky and clouds in the water has been a source of inspiration to generations of western artists, from Turner over Monet to the Impressionists. But times and techniques change and Si Bollé now uses film and photography to register those fleeting visual impressions of early morning sun and sunset colours to paint and print her filmstills on silk.

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